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Willys Pickup
Willys Pickup photo taken at the
2015 Great Willys Picnic


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Dan Laity's Amazing 1959 FC-150 with 1947 Bantam Trailer
Dan Laity's Amazing 1959 FC-150
with 1947 Bantam Trailer

         Dan first contacted us by email and included a picture of his '59 FC-150 crossing a stream. We took one look and immediately knew we had to share this amazing truck with our readers. Dan's story of how he found his truck and restored it follows. His story is an inspiration to all Jeep Truck owners and what can be done with these American classics. read more ......

JU1 Resurrection
JU1 Resurrection
Courtesy Jeep Action Magazine

         Some of you will be saying what is JU1? And other readers will know instantly what JU1 is - a very rare model from Jeep history here in Australia. Lucky for us, Jeep Action Magazine subscriber Vern Keys, knew exactly what he was looking at when he viewed this rare Jeep at a clearance sale. I had a voice message on my phone from Vern saying he was standing in front of JU1 and it was for sale. After checking the message again to make sure I had heard it correctly I returned Vern's call and he confirmed what he had found. JU1 was one of three Jeeps trialled by the Australian Army in Project Perentie. read more ......


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Enjoy this documentary just released from our sister site Designated as a 1/4 ton Truck this Original Willys Jeep was delivered Christmas Eve of 1941 (weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor). Also learn how the iconic Jeep grille came into existence.

The Original Willys Jeep | 1941 Slat Grille

WARJEEPS T.V.© Go inside Army Jeep Parts, Inc. and uncover a nearly perfect restoration of one of the oldest Willys Jeeps in existence. Delivered Christmas Eve of 1941 (weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor) this Willys Slat Grille marks the start of production of the American legend we all know and love. Online Store

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