Story by Chris Overacker - Edited by Mark J. Smith,

Join us now as we present Part 2 of this multi-part series of articles in which Chris Overacker owner of CODE 4x4 Inc. describes how he built this awesome truck.
Having built several J-trucks years past, I have found that the frame’s open “C” section can be a weak area. I choose to add angle steel to the insides of the open “C”, to add some reinforcement. Also, the body mount outriggers were rusted and in need of repair, so I built new top pieces and welded them on.
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Onto the next phase, I decided to keep the AMC 360 V-8 stock, and even though I prefer automatic transmissions, I opted to keep the stock T-177 trans and NP208 T-case installed for now. I cleaned and painted the engine, trans & T-case (installed a new clutch), and put them back into the chassis.
I also started fabbing the new exhaust system utilizing pre-bent sections of 2-1/4” tubing.