Used Jeeps and Jeep Parts For Sale - 1988 Jeep J-10, Like new, Final year, Restored

1988 Jeep J-10
Like new, Final year

This is a fully restored final year 1988 Jeep J-10. It was done about 10 years ago by the previous owner. The quality of the work is second to none. The previous owner is the last AMC dealer in the country and all the parts used on the ground up restoration were NOS or OE parts with no cheap aftermarket. It has all the best options and all the accessory upgrades available at the time, like chrome trim and bumper upgrades, mud flaps, 401 V-8 engine etc. It has additional, valuable upgrades like sound deadening matts installed in the cabin, rhino lining on the immaculate truck bed, matching truck bed cap. It also has a quality installed, non intrusive second gas tank which really makes this a great road trip truck. When the doors close, it does so with a air tight thud, like a modern truck. I have a lot of pictures that really show it off, so be sure to click on the link below to see all the pictures I have. As a point of reference, I've been buying, collecting and selling jeeps for over 16 years, and an admirer for over 40. I'm not in the used car business, so what I've collected and sold over the years is for my personal enjoyment and needs, that's all. I have to believe this makes me knowledgeable enough and experienced enough to place this J-10 at the top of the market. The market of - like new condition, after a OE type restoration. Which kept it classic and true to it's heritage. This is not a resto-mod, it's a top quality piece of art that needs to be appreciated for what it is, which is the end of the Full Size Jeep Pickup truck era. I would also like to add that these Jeeps, even when in restored condition are fetching more and more every year. It's very hard to find AMC, all steel, full size trucks in restorable condition, let alone, found in good original condition. Last spring at Barrett Jackson auctions in Palm Beach, a 1979 J-10 (nothing special year), following a nice restoration, sold for over $34K. This was lot #38. It looked nice but, really it couldn't hold a candle to my final year, all conceivable optioned, J-10. This should give further proof of my feelings, that these Jeeps are becoming noticed. Not just by us Jeepers, but by the collecting types. I've received many emails with people stating their disbelief with my asking price. Hence the reason for my qualifications and showing proof of what the market is, because is seems a lot are in denial.

-Is this a perfect original? No.
-Does this have some personal touches given to it from the previous owner and restorer? Yes.
-Is this an excellent representation of a J-10 driving off of the dealer lot in 1988, with well thought out quality improvements that only ad to it's appeal? YES, YES, YES.

I've seen many restorations over the years, some of which I've purchased. I purchased the pride of my collection almost 17 years ago from a very well known Full Size Jeep refresher/refurbisher/restorer, who sells them at a premium all over the world. Admittedly they do a great job at what they do and I am very happy with my '91 Grand Wagoneer, but nothing has ever compared to this J-10. This ground up restoration is exceptional with it's AMC parts and care of execution. If this isn't the best J-10 in the country for sale in the past 15+ years, I want to see proof. Keep in mind that all the above is true with it being a daily driver, not a garage queen. I've driven it very little since I've owned it, but it was driven on many long trips with the last owner, which in my eyes, makes this even better. I love when vehicles are used and not just saved and shown off. I never drove it in poor weather and positively did not drive it in the winter. So why am I selling it? I've lost my garage facilities after many years do to new ownership, which is facilitating the need to reorganize. Even though I obtained indoor heated storage for this vehicle, it is really a short term fix. I want this to be kept protected for the ages and not left outside exposed to the New England weather. My indoor storage is really only supposed to be temporarily, or at least that's what my wife says. It's also frankly, to nice for my needs and I don't have the luxury of having wants for the foreseeable future. My loss is someone else's gain. Cons: The cruise control does not work. There was a minor rusty patina spot, showing up on the rear chrome bumper, that I have had addressed. Pros: So much to praise about this Jeep and so little room. I'm sure I've written to much.

Price: $28,995

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