Used Jeeps and Jeep Parts For Sale - 1982 Full Size Jeep J-10 stepside pickup truck

1982 Full Size Jeep J-10
stepside pickup truck

4 wheel drive, with Hi and Lo. 4 inch lift kit done with leaf springs and professionally installed 2 years ago. The lift kit is from BJ's Offroad out of California, specifically made for this model Jeep. It’s in great shape, especially for its year. Nice paint job and even better pin striping, that gives it a classy look. This is a super cool pickup, It’s a very rare find around these parts, especially in this shape. It's also a rare find in the country.

Made less than 2000 of these “total” for all years available, I understand. They stopped making them in 1987. This really is a great, unique Jeep to be someone's daily driver. Recent paint, professional pin stripping, new floor boards professionally done(this year), new durable, vinyl, color matched floor covering.

This is a 5 speed* ( but with 5th gear not working properly). The story behind that - I had the original transmission replaced with one I bought on eBay about 7 years ago. The issue is that if it is shifted into 5th gear, it won’t come out, without a struggle. It drives perfectly as a 4 speed and it was only being driven locally, so it really didn’t present a long term problem, and I decided to save the money and hassle of fixing the issue.

The Jeep is virtually rust free, no concerns to speak of in all but one of the usual hot spots for these Jeeps (see cons: below). There is only one rust through spot that I discovered after having the floors professionally replaced, and that is behind the drivers seat along the back wall. I didn't discover it until after the floorpan work was done and chose not to fix it (see the dropbox link for pics of everything). As one can probably notice, I tend to not spend the time and money to fix things when they are discovered. That is because I spread what little discretionary money I have on my jeeps, in a scheduled and planned manor. When something new crops up I don’t always have the time/money to have it addressed immediately. I think the jeepers out their may understand. I can assure all, that the work that gets done on my Jeeps gets done by professionals and is quality work. The bed of the truck is in 100% flawless shape. The exhaust is less than 2 years old. I just painted a DIY bedliner coating on the flawless, dent free and rust free bed. I will note that the original seats are not installed but they will come with the purchase. I currently have Grand Wagoneer seats with seat covers on them. It is the best J-10 stepside for sale in New England for many years, let alone the rest of the country.

As a point of reference, I've been buying, collecting and selling jeeps for over 16 years, and an admirer for over 40. I'm not in the used car business, so what I've collected and sold over the years is for my personal enjoyment, wants and needs, that's all. I have to believe this makes me knowledgeable enough and experienced enough to place this J-10 stepside, at one of the best for sale in New England within the last 15 years, and I’m always looking. There have been nicer ones for sale in the US, but it’s still a rare bread. It’s lifted, but still a classy clean look. It’s a 6 cylinder, but it makes it uniquely qualified for a daily driver and around the city. The large national auction companies that televise, are getting more and more of these to sell, and they're selling well. My price point is right in line with the market.

Cons: Leak somewhere at the top of the gas tank that comes into play for a brief bit after fill ups. The only rust on the truck is behind the drivers seat (it does go through). A little bubbling is happening above the driver front wheel well also.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I invite any and all to come see it and drive it. I have the title in hand.

* This is the link to the dropbox file with all the photos I have on the truck:

** Some of the pics are from before the new professional floor pans and floor covering.

Price: $10,900 (new lower price)

City: N. Reading

State: MA

Please contact Scott at:


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