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1990 Grand Wagoneer

I am (regretfully) putting my 1990 Grand Wagoneer up for sale. This vehicle spent the majority of its first 14 years as a resident of Texas. It then made its way to MN to serve as a summer lake home vehicle before it ended up in this Jeep lovers household as Mama's summer cruiser and grocery getter. I found the Waggie for sale a few years back and immediately fell in love. Having worked in the body shop industry for 15 years I was pleasantly surprised that upon closer inspection the vehicle was extremely clean inside and out with the only noticeable deficiency being the inoperable overhead console. I called my hubby and let him know that we may need to add another Jeep to our collection. He was very skeptical before physically checking it out. He gave it a good going over, pulling the carpet back, looking at the underbody, and checking out the crooks and crannies behind the inner trim panels. I was thrilled when he gave it his stamp of approval because Lord knows the man didn't need anything else to detract from HIS annual Jeep budget of time or money. Not knowing it's history at that time and showing 89,000 miles we felt it a good idea to service the transmission, transfer case, front and rear differentials, flush the cooling system, and covert the A/C system to 134A. Attention was also given to the brakes, belts, and hoses, most of which were in very good condition. Recently we replaced the exhaust system to near OE condition and updated the ignition system. Having put roughly 10,000 miles on it I would comfortably and confidently drive this vehicle anywhere.

Door and window seals are all in very good condition. All embellishments and bright work are in extremely good condition for original pieces. Please look closely at the photos, the exterior is not perfect but is in very good condition. There are no cuts, tears, stains or signs of wear anywhere on the interior. There is some delamination on some of the exterior trim work but overall it is in very good condition. Tires are excellent as are the OE wheels. Vehicle is equipped with a factory tow package and an electric brake controller was installed at some point.

Price: $23,900.00

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