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1983 Jeep Cherokee

This has been my fun driver. 1983 Cherokee Chief. It is a diamond in the rough. Unfortunately I have one too many projects.

Engine and Drivetrain:

AMC 360, 2bbl Carburated Engine, has less than 10k miles since rebuilt. I can not tell you the overall overhaul details. When I purchased it, 4 years ago, the owner told me it had 2k since rebuilt and I believed him because it started right up (dropped gas in the carb), even though I could tell it had been sitting for a while. It does not smoke, and always starts up with very little motoring of the starter. I've always registered it as daily driver, not with vintage plates (for Utah) which excempt safety and emission, and it passes Safety and Emissions every time. You will notice some of the typical wetting on the engine valve covers and oil pan. I did overhaul the carburetor, oil change, Cap/Rotor and tune up. Since I have replaced the radiator and waterpump.

Torqueflite 727 transmission was overhauled about 7k miles ago by a local shop. It shifts and downshifts as it should. Recently, I took it on a 2 hour road trip up and around our local mountains. Some of the typical oil pan seeping signs around the pan.

NP229 Transfer case and differentials. I can tell you they work and they do not make any noise. I do routine checks on the fluid level and are always good or near good level. The rear transfer case shaft seal will probably need to be changed, I usually see a small oil spot under the Jeep, when parking nose up in my driveway (driveway has bit of an incline).


Body has has rust mostly on rear fenders, usual spots, floors are good. Has faded spots, and looks like the previous owner had the doors and some spots repainted, so these painted spots are a different shade in comparison to the original paint. Has original roof rack, it is in good shape. Front bumper is polished aluminum, it has a ding from a previous accident, I will try and find a replacement for the sale. The rear bumber is chromed steel, the chrome is peeling and has some rust spots. It has aluminum running boards that are in good shape and solid to stand on.

Glass and Seals:

New windshield, I had it replaced after buying it, 4 years ago. The rest of the glass is good and tail gate window works as it should. Has what I think is a factory moon roof, and it does not leak. I will include some new seals/scrapers that I was saving for once I had it repainted. The tailgate window defroster is not connected, so I can not tell you if it works.


Most essential electrical works. Headlights, Tail lights, turn signals, instrument lights, 12v plug, Horn, Temp, Oil, and Alternator gauges work as they should. The gas gauge and cruise controls do not work and I have not tried to fix them. The dome lights work as they should, but have no covers.

No radio or clock are installed, but I do have a set that I will include in the sale. The radio will come with knobs and it will need the bezel. The previous owner installed some switches that are for the most part cosmetic since they are not connected to anything, I made sure the attached wires are not creating any electrical issues.

The AC works... I have the clutch power line disconnected because I have not seen a need for it and at the time I was still tuning it up. I checked it this summer and it is still charged, blows cold. Have never ran it to the point of finding out if the thermostat in the cab would disengage the A/C Clutch, it just has not been a priority for me.


Seats and carpeting seemed to be original and are good but will need be re-upholstered or replaced. Door panels are in good condition, will need to install the correct armrests or missing pieces. The speaker housings at the doors will need to be redone. Carpeting is worn with some tears. The ash trays in the rear are rusty, but I have a good pair that I will also include in the sale. It has an wooden center console that is typical aftermarket for the era. Looks like it used to have a CB radio at one time, only the antenna cable and antenna mount remain.

Suspension, Wheels and Tires:

This Cherokee is lifted, 2-3" lift, typical spring front with blocks on the rear and has helper springs on the back too. The wheels are the stock steel wagon wheels with the Jeep logo (some fading on the logo and chipping on the chrome). The tires are 32" x 11.50 R15, with enough thread to get you around. The tires are not matched, but are close in thread design so they have not caused any mechanical issues. It does come with a full size spare, in same type of wheel. I have the rear tire mount, you will need to get new hardware to install it.


It has a 2" receiver, transmission cooler, but the trailer plug wiring will need to be redone. As far as I can tell, the 2" towing receiver is the stock JEEP-AMC factory installed.

As stated at the beginning, a diamond in the rough. My original plan was to take care of the rust spots and make it a daily driver... plans change. I think the right person with sheet metal body work experience can make this a great looking Jeep.

Price: $5000

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