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1968 M715 Jeep Kaiser

approx 23000
Condition: about 85 percent.

1. US Army
2. Decommissioned and sold to Fairfax, IA Fire Department who used it as a Brush Fire truck for about 30+ Years
3. Purchase by tractor collector in Iowa.
4. Purchased by me.

Modifications prior to my owning
1. 400 Chevy Small Block with Quadrajet carb instead of the original V6 (not sure of motor year).
2. Welded roll cage.
3. Painted red, then painted Metallic Green.
4. Stock seats switched to bench seat (still have springs/frame to originals if desired)
5. Had 44" Super Swampers
6. Power Steering.
7. Roll cage welded on.

Modifications during my ownership:
1. Purchased gear ratio change kit (front and rear) from BJ's offroad (changes factory 5.86 ratio to a more highway friendly 4.56 because these vehicles topped out at 45 mph).
Rear axle swap has been completed but not front yet. Will need to have front installed to enable 4WD. For now I just took the front driveshaft off and put in a box.
2. Switched tires to 35" TSL Thornbirds for better road handling and to fit in my garage.
3. Olive Drab Paint for more authentic color.
4. Canvas top and upholstry.
5. Bluetooth CD Stereo and Wakeboard Speakers.
6. Had a heavy duty 2" hitch receiver welded to frame instead of pinole hook.
7. Had heads rebuilt and Quadrajet replaced by Holley.

What needs done?
1. Recommend changing the tires to surplus Humvee tires (37x12.5 r16.5). A set of 4 run about $600. Why? 2 extra inches will allow better top speed. They would also be narrower and take up less road, as this truck is already very wide. Lastly they would be radial where Swampers are not.

2. Could use some brake work, preferably an upgrade to disk brakes. The drum brakes don't always brake evenly and can pull to one side especially after mudding or going through creeks.

5. Get front gear kit installed to use 4WD.

6. If you are ambitious, this vehicle does have a PTO winch on the front but the main spool lever seems siezed up. PTO shaft turns up to that point though.

Price: $5999.00

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