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81 J10 Sportside Honcho

Mild street restomod. Second owner since early 1990s. No rust. Fort Worth.This truck was sold new in Fort Worth and has never left the area. The only rust area on the truck was the passenger side floor and it was repaired right after I purchased the vehicle from the original owner. It has never been off road while I've owned it and it has been parked under a car port when not driven. I set it up to tow a small horse trailer (goose neck hitch), and later a car trailer, so it has both hitches. The goose neck ball is accessed through a removeable access port in the bed.

Over the past year it has been disassembled and media blasted (front and back side of all panels including the bed and rear portion of the frame. The cab stayed on the frame and only the exterior was stripped. The metal was then treated and coated with two part epoxy, followed by catalyzed urethane primer, and the urethane hot rod satin black top coat. All paint and prep products were from Eastwood.

The Restomod. The cab and forward portions of the truck were lowered over the frame (channeled) and the whole body adjusted to achieve a very slight forward rake. The look is accentuated by using a small tire stagger. The front drive shaft is removed to preclude any drive line damage in the event that the transfer case is mistakenly shifted into four wheel drive. The front axle and hubs have not been activated for nearly two decades, but they were working fine before the refocus toward street only operation. Note that the only significant modification during the channeling exercise was to lower the inner valance/radiator support. There rest was done via reshimming the cab and bed. If you like the nose high look, raise everything back up, install new rubber donuts under the cab, and Bob's yer mother's brother. If you like Honcho stickers, gold would look good on the black. If you like mud tires and lift springs have at it...there are no changes to the underpinnings (just don't tell me about it...)

Drivetrain/Mechanical. The AMC 360 has about 20,000 miles on the rebuild...pistons/rings, valve job, new bearings, timing gears and chain, Edelbrock Performer cam, springs, lifters, manifold, and four barrel carb. An HEI distributer with a performance coil completed the build. It's a nice set up for towing as it gives good low end grunt. A T-18 four speed and 208 transfer case from a J20 replaced the original automatic at the time of the engine rebuild. The side exhaust include an H pipe for a balanced, low rumble. The J20 208 TC was rebuilt at the time. The T-18 was inspected and given new seals. Of course a new clutch was installed. Cadillac rear disk brakes (with integral parking brake function) were added to preclude uneven rear brake application when towing. New steering shaft, rag joint, power steering pump, and steering gear just installed.

Exterior. Roll pans were installed in lieu of bumpers. Likewise all chrome, antenna, side lights and mirrors were eliminated to "clean up" the exterior. The mirrors are from a Ford F150. The muscle grill was swapped for the razor to clean up the front end. The front bumper and all the miscellaneous doodads that were removed go with the truck.

Interior/cab. Original seat are reupholstered. New door seals, window track felts, electric windows, interior light, Wagoneer door panels, BJs padded head liner. Slightly custom dash with original stamping on the left and an early half on the right for a more balanced, retro look. Cool old clock (not sure if it works). The radio is an old AM and is merely a place holder. If I installed a radio, the plan was to mount the antenna on the side of the roll bar (definitely not on the cowl). Everything works including AC and heater.

The rear tires are good. The fronts are old. I'm not going to change them because the next owner's druthers will likely be different from mine. I like the staggered look for the street....you might want to hook up the four wheel drive. (I think the Pirelli Scorpion AT (or equivalent) tire would look "right").

Comfortable, reliable driver. runs on regular gas.

Price: $16,500

City: Arlington

State: TX

Please contact Eric at:

email: bittersc@netzero.net

Phone: 817 913 8107

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