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1965 Jeep J200 - AMC 343-V8 with AX-15 5-Speed

I've had the truck for 2-years and have worked mostly on aesthetics as previous owner had done a lot toward mechanical Not a show-truck and not perfect but really nice, solid truck. Body has a small dent or ding here and there but solid steel.

Here are the things you'll want to know:
AMC 343-V8 - with electronic ignition! Runs nice,
Transmission - Jeep AX-15 5-Speed manual on the floor - Shifts smoothly
Power Steering
New floors - no rust
Seat re-covered
New steering wheel - I will include the old/cracked one also
New door window seals/channel - No rattles
New paint - original color (Parkway Green) - I sprayed myself mostly to protect it from rusting where old paint was thin
Bed sanded/ground (surface rust) before coating with bed liner
Entire truck sanded down to remove surface rust. A couple of areas of rust on bed seam driver side cleaned and repaired with fiberglass. I didn't want to weld under the gas filler!
New Maxxis Trepador tires
New LED tail lights work great!
I put in the cedar strip headliner and you may not like it but it's easy to remove if you want, Just screws to some wooden brackets. Nothing was modified on the roof.
Wipers work
Heat and fan works
Turn Signals, brake lights, headlights all work
Battery is strong and holds a great charge.

Things not working or important to be aware of:
Fuel gauge
Temp gauge
Not sure about the radio. There are no speakers
Speedo/Odo cable was disconnected by P.O.. I re-connected at the back of cluster but it makes an ugly sound and speedo bounces wildly.
Defroster hoses have disintegrated. Needs new ones
Still has drum brakes but they work - E-brake doesn't work well though
Somehow it has no rear shocks. I think the P.O. may have changed the rear-end. There are shock-mounts on the rear axle but I don't see any on the frame. It actually drives pretty well. I wouldn't have noticed without looking under there.

There is a sort-of whine from the trans when driving. Previous owner shared that while he rebuilt the transfer case, he didn't replace the gears since they looked to be in very good shape. He said he wished he had changed them because that's where the whine is coming from.

I like to point out everything I know as I don't want any surprises.
I would say that the truck is in better shape than most but there are always things to improve on.. It would be a great one for someone who is more mechanically inclined than me to bring it up to its full potential.

Price: $11,000

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