1982 Jeep J10 Honcho Sportside in Ny - $5,500.00


Straight, rot free, clean, reliable and mostly 1 Owner 1982 Jeep J-10 Honcho Sportside.  Drivetrain is a 258 inline 6 with an automatic transmission.  Rebuilt motor and transmission with low miles.  Truck is mostly original and stock.  85,000 total miles on vehicle.

I purchased this truck from the Original Owner in the summer of 2006.  At time of purchase Seller provided me with:

1. Original dealer invoice.

2. Original window sticker which lists Factory Options HONCHO SPORTSIDE PACKAGE, sliding rear window, Brush Guard, Classic Black and Bucket Seats w/ center arm rest.

3. Original Jeep dealer key chain.

4. Original “Papa’s Dodge Jeep” Dealer memo for undercoating the Jeep with a “Rusty Jones” undercoating.

5. Original Jeep owners and maintenance manual.

6. Two full color original Jeep sales brochures.  One brochure documents all Jeeps produced in 1982.  The second brochure only details the J-series truck.

I have owned several full size Jeeps.  I could not resist buying this rare clean straight.  This truck was purchased new in Connecticut.  The Original Owner did not drive the truck in the winter so it has not seen the salty Northeast roads.  It was stored indoors in the winter and was also garaged year round.  The truck was hardly driven as you can see in the carfax report detailed below. I purchased the truck in the summer of 2006 with approx. 78,000 miles and have driven it a very reliable 7,000 miles over the past 1 year.  Total mileage as of today is approximately 85,000 miles.

I have all maintenance receipts and records from the previous owner detailed below.  I am only mentioned the “major” work and excluded any carb, brake, tuning, or other misc. maintenance work.

April 2003 77,484 miles Installed new water pump, alternator belt, p/s belt and air pump belt Cost $300.00

June 2001 76,803 miles Installed new catalytic converter Cost $400.00

March 1999 Installed new brake booster master cylinder. Cost $155.00

March 1999 Installed new alternator.

June 1999 74,339 miles Installed reconditioned transmission Cost $850.00

September 1998 74,000 miles Installed a rebuilt motor purchased from Engine Connection, Inc. (Hudson, MA) Cost $3,000.00

June 1996 70,831 miles. Replaced fuel tank

Since owning the truck, I have done the following work in the past year:

November 2006 Installed door window wipe kit. Cost $68.00

September 2006 Installed 4 New BF Goodrich tires $590.00

September 2006 Full tune up.

October 2006 Installed GM HEI Distributor upgrade kit. Cost $190.00 – saved all original ignition parts.

As I stated previously, the truck has proved very reliable for a 25 year old Jeep.  To improve performance, I decided to upgrade the ignition system.  I still do not have it tuned perfectly, but it still starts, runs and drives very well.  I also bought a new carburetor, but have been too lazy to install it.  It has been so road worthy, and starts reliably, that I do not want to tinker with it.

The Jeep starts at all temperatures.  It runs comfortably on the highway for over 2 hours at 65 mph.  I have been using the truck for dump runs, Home Depot runs, and long distance trip to my house in upstate NY.  The vehicle is one of several in my fleet of toys, and saw a decent amount of driving in the past year.  I have driven it to my house in upstate NY at least 15 times in the past year.  Each trip is 250 miles roundtrip.  The Jeep handles the road very well.  The suspension is stock.  The tires are near new.  There is no slop in the steering, no shakes at any speeds and no unusual vibrations.  It cruises comfortably at 65 mph, but it does not accelerate quickly.  The inline 6 and automatic transmission set up offers slow acceleration off the start.  If you are reading this advertisement, you should already now that the inline 6 will not offer the same driving performance as a 360 does in other full size Jeeps.  The truck is a reliable driver as proven by the mileage I have accumulated on the odometer in the past year.  For the record, the Jeep does seep oil.  It leaked oil when I purchased it, but it was hardly used.  Now that I am using it, it seeps less oil then when I first got it.  As with any 25 year old Jeep, check the oil every 500-1000 miles.

Appearance:  Expect to get thumbs up everywhere you go.  People are surprised it’s a Jeep and made in the 1980’s.  Everyone thinks it a Chevy from the 1960’s.  The truck looks very clean going down the road, but at close inspection, you will discover that it needs a re-paint if you are looking for a spotless J-10.  When I purchased the truck, the previous owner did make it clear that he had areas of the Jeep re-sprayed.  There are no rust rot repairs on this Jeep.  I went over it with a magnet and it is all metal.  The bed is very solid with zero rot.  I removed the door skins and photographed the inside bottom of the doors – all solid.  There are a few surface rust spots on the bedside and a very small amount of bubbling above the front wheel fender.  You must inspect this Jeep yourself.  The undercarriage is very rust free EXCEPT for the driver side floor which is completely rusted out.  The carpet was taking in water.  I have since removed the carpet as I do in all my Jeeps.  You must see the body and undercarriage of the Jeep and see for yourself.  The Jeep has a factory roll bar and brush guard.  The original stickers and door mirrors were removed.

Interior is very clean.  Dash is cracked.  Headliner is very good, door skins are very clean, bucket seats are clean (driver’s side seat is torn where you get in and out), armrest is rip free and clean, all dash lights work, all gauges work, all options work as they should.

I can go on and on, but I encourage all interested buyers to inspect for themselves.  Eventually, when I have the time the truck will be on eBay, but I figured let me deal with serious FSJ enthusiasts first.  The price is set at $5,500.00.  Like everyone else selling out there, I have a lot more into it.  I feel it is worth is for what it is, a rare, roadworthy, solid clean example.

Either email me peter@keystonemgt.com or call me (914) 490-2729 for more details


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