1977 Jeep J-10

1977 Jeep J-10 Long bed pickup truck that I would like to sell. It has 1979 front end on it, that seems to be in very good condition. It has a rebuilt 360 AMC engine... It only has about 120 miles on the motor. It runs real good. It has an edelbrock carberator and manifold. It also has the GM TurboHydramatic 400 automatic transmission. The transmission has very few miles on it, but it doesn't want to shift-up appropriately. It has a GM version of a model 208 transfer case and part time hubs on it. It has damage in the right hand side rocker panel. The rest of the sheet metal is in fairly good condition. The tires are brand new with only 10 miles on them. I need $2200.00 minimum to pay for putting on the flat-bed, and tires. It does have Chrome 8 Spoke Jeep Wheels on it, maybe you can see that in one of the pictures. My wife doesn't feel any need for me to have this truck any more, and I would like for a real Jeep enthusiast to at least have a chance to pick up where I am having to leave off. It does have alot of new parts that I haven't listed, such as new axles, new spindles, new driveshafts, new differential gears front and rear. 4 inch Skyjacker lift, new pitman arm for lifted vehicles. It has 3.73 gears and Dana 44's both front and rear. email: rickdebg@sbcglobal.net

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