1963 Jeep Gladiator Pickup

I convinced a work colleague (Scott) to buy this ancient 63 Gladiator. I have a FSJ (79 Cherokee Chief S Wide-track) that I have kept on the road for the past 10 years or so. We are located in Blacksburg, VA. As he has been continually promoted to bigger and better jobs, and with his 3 kids he has never had the time to get to it. It has been sitting, protected, in his garage for a couple years now. His latest promotion has him moving out of state and he needs to sell the truck. I promised to help. The truck is complete and in completely unrestored, original condition but not currently running, the engine will turn over. I think Scott knows exactly what is wrong with the motor. Basically, it needs to be re-built. The sheet metal is pretty good but has some rusted through areas (I particularly recall them toward the back of the bed - pictured). I can send higher resolution pictures if someone is interested. I am sure that Scott can answer any pertinent details. He is looking to recoup his investment only, $500 for the truck and $100 for the original manual. He does not want to have to part-out the truck but is considering it. We would love for it to go to another Jeep enthusiast who can breath new life into it. Parting it out would be a crime seeing as there cant be too many of these old trucks left. Asking $500, as-is need to arrange transport from Blacksburg VA. $100 additional includes original shop manual (pictured). Sincerely, -Nick     email Nick : Nick.Kornblith@unitedpetgroup.com       email Scott: Scott.Eller@unitedpetgroup.com

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