1954 Willys Truck

1954 Willys Truck located in Shingle Springs, CA (95682) Running all original truck. Current registration. Clear title. 4X4, 4 cylinder, lumber rack that slides into the stake pockets, painless wiring harness professionally installed (still 6 volt).

I shopped for a long time to find a truck as straight as this one. I was not looking to restore to original, I just wanted a straight body. When I finally found the body I wanted, it came with a complete running truck. I started gathering parts (engine, tranny, axles, etc.) to modernize it but felt guilty about messing with a complete truck. I recently found another one and this time it was already sitting on a different frame, new motor etc. So now I can sell this truck and I hope to someone with intentions of keeping it original. It is in good shape so not much is needed but I will list what I think it needs: Paint job (I have been sanding when I have time) tires have good tread and hold air but they are looking old rear window was cracked so I removed it in anticipation of replacing it. Some tie rod ends need replacing (vibrations when you get to 40 mph or so) If you plan on driving on the highway an overdrive will be needed It has an am radio but it doesn’t work (I started removing it to see if it could be repaired, you will notice it is a little loose in the picture) It has a heater that looks like it came from something else but looks as old as the truck. It was not hooked up so I took it out and went through it. The fan works but I found a small leak in the heater core that should be easy to solder. It has an old spot light and I can't remember if it works.

I have some spare parts from a previous truck I can include as well, tranny, t-case, doors and more.   $2400   

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