1962 Willys Jeep FC170 Cab-Over 1 Ton Pick-up

8 ˝’ x 4’ Service Bed with Exterior Cabinets Original engine – Willys Super Hurricane 6 (226 L-Head Continental) Complete rebuild about 1987 Top end rebuild about 1993 Stored since 2003 Locking Hubs Sunroof Cedar Bed Rails 2 Tire Chocks Gate/Holder for Spare Tire Crane ˝ Ton Attached on Back Driver's side Spotlight Gas Can Tool Box Cover for Bed with Removable Ribs. (Fit in slots on bed rails) Needs brake work - master cylinder. Clear Title I drove this Jeep for 11 years in my business - Mr. Fixit Home Repair- then put it in storage. People still recognize me 'the guy that drove that army truck'. I bought it from a farmer. It was originally a utility truck in Louisville, KY, but when veterans from WWII see it, they reminisce, and we just let them. Kids immediately think it is an ARMY truck and think the crane on the back is a machine gun. I've had great times in it other than work, too. Hauling stuff, even a tree, to our place at the lake. It is quite a work horse. Once at the lake, we arrived just in time to save a light weight jeep with ski boat that had gone off the side of a boat ramp with people in the boat. (I don't know why they were riding in the boat!) The only thing that stopped it was that the trailer frame had caught on a rock. It was a very steep boat ramp about a 70 degree grade. I hooked up and pulled the Jeep and the boat back onto the ramp. It took about every thing me and the truck had, but mission accomplished. They were very grateful (she had one last payment to make on the boat.) From the pics you can see we participated in our local parades. The parades were great fun. Once it served as a display at some kind of MASH party. I put in a new speedometer in the mid 90’s and the odometer reads 18658. The original one didn’t work.

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