1957 Jeep FC-150 4x4 Pickup

Wow.....here's a very rare and very unique piece of American Automotive History!!!! 1957 Jeep FC-150 4x4 Pickup. This gem is a well-preserved, 2-owner, ultra-low-mile vehicle fresh out of a private collection, available here to the general public for the first time since in was new!!! The original owner of more than 50 years lived in a remote area of the Northwest and owned 2 vehicles........an air-conditioned Cadillac and, you guessed it, this 1957 Jeep Pickup that he special-ordered and bought brand new. One vehicle he used for his weekly commute to town in the summer, the other, in winter. The Jeep lived a privileged life, clocking just a tad over 13K original miles on the odometer!!!!!! The truck has been regularly maintained over its entire life, and looks, runs and drives great. The Hurricane 4-cylinder motor starts easy and runs like a watch. It is easy to drive, feels safe and secure and the cab-forward design gives the driver great visibility and excellent maneuverability. A very rare, very collectible vehicle......and a very rare opportunity......don't miss out!!! Call today!

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