1984 Jeep Laredo
nicest J10 around

58,450 miles   The miles are original. This truck was purchased new and repossessed by the bank shortly after back in 84. The previous owner that I purchased the vehicle from was on the board of the financial institution that had financed this vehicle. I am the third owner. When I purchased the truck it had been setting outside for a couple of years. He had been unable to get it to start so it just sat. I had the truck towed in and the ignition coil was bad. The truck was still in good condition but needed TLC. The plan was to clean it up and drive it, I ended up doing a complete restoration on it. The truck is pretty much stock during the restoration the engine was inspected and since we had it pulled we decided to cam the motor, get rid of the 2bbl, add some ceramic headers. The truck drives very well. It is kept inside of a metal building when not driven. The laredo edition came stock with factory air, power windows and power locks. All work and yes the air works great. I recently entered a car show just for fun and this truck won the pre 87 class. I have a certified appraisal on this truck for 32,500.00 . There is a lot time and money invested in this one of a kind truck. The truck is going to sell. This truck will be advertised locally. I dont expect for this truck to bring its appraisal value (that would be nice but not realistic).   Asking $15,900   If your looking for a true classic J10 you wont find another one like this.

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