1960 Willy's Wagon

I decided to sell a project I had aquired a few years ago from an estate sale, but haven't had the time to even get started on it. It's a 1960 Willy's Wagon that looks like someone started to put a 1980 CJ 258 - 6 cylinder engine and 3 speed trans in but didn't get any further--no drive shafts. They also pulled the interior and side glass out, but it looks like most, if not all of it was left inside, including the seats. It must have been sitting untouched for years, but the engine can be turned over by hand. Can't start it because it lacks a starter and distributor. Body is straight with a couple minor dings and surface rust. Don't see any body rot or cancerous rust. I have the original title for it. Price is $1100 OBO.

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