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1983 Jeep J-10 Laredo 4x4

This is a very rare 1983 Jeep J-10 Laredo 4x4 truck. It is equipped with the factory AMC 360 V-8 and a 4-speed manual transmission. It has a very low original 84k documented miles. It is rust free and very original. It is one of the cleanest and rarest of the entire full size Jeep lineup. It was purchased brand new in Montana and used sparingly. I was told it was garage kept at the original owner's cabin and really never driven in winter or inclement weather. The condition of the body certainly indicates that is the case. We have all of the original documents including owners packets, and a letter from the original owner. This Jeep gets tons of attention. People check it out wherever it is. I have owned several full size Jeeps (Grand Wagoneers, Cherokees and J-10's) and this is the cleanest, most original and rarest of them all. This Jeep makes a 1991 Grand Wagoneer look common. Mechanically this Jeep is in perfect condition. It runs, drives, shifts and stops absolutely flawlessly. The 4x4 operates great. In fact there is not a single mechanical issue to report of any kind, big or small. The factory 360 holds excellent oil pressure, leaks nothing from anywhere and does not smoke or tick. The clutch and transmission operate as new. Driving it is truly a pleasure. I have owned two 1991 Grand Wagoneers one of which had 90k on it and was in great condition yet this J-10 drives much better without even the common squeaks and rattles. In 2010 I had the old certified Jeep dealership in Missoula, Montana reseal the entire engine. Every gasket was seeping a bit from age and lack of use. They replaced them all including a new timing set and front cover, all receipts included. They also replaced the rear brakes and drums, axle seals, repacked the front wheel bearings and serviced all the gear boxes. A new water pump and alternator were also installed. I had a new exhaust installed with a Flowmaster muffler and a three inch stainless pipe, which sounds great. The interior is flawless. Original mats and jack (still in bag behind seat). There are no defects to report, it looks new inside and everything operates as it should. When new, the dealership that sold it installed an aftermarket cruise control unit that still works great. The original owner wanted a manual transmission, but Jeep didn't offer cruise from the factory with the stick shift. The dealer in turn, took care of it. They also installed the light bar in the bed. The dash is uncut but the stereo system was upgraded when the truck was new. The body is really in great condition. The paint is original as are the Laredo stripes. It still has the original Goodyear Wrangler spare tire underneath. This Jeep is rust free. I can find no rust in rockers, door frames, bed or undercarriage/frame. The paint has numerous flaws that would be expected on a nearly 30 year old vehicle. There are various chips that had surface rust only and been touched up. There is a small ding on drivers corner of grille. There is fading /thinning on the roof (passenger side only). A small dent was popped out of passenger door ages ago that left some cracks in the paint. On the drivers side of the bed at rear, there was a scratch that was painted at some point poorly between the stripes. Absolutely no evidence of bondo or problems-just an area of dull/rough paint. The frame and floors are perfect with nothing other than surface rust. I am being extremely thorough and "picky" in my description and want you to know exactly what you are buying with no surprises. The Jeep is in stunning condition inside and out. If you wanted 100% perfection, it could benefit from a repaint. However, I found it to be much more desirable wearing its original Laredo stripes. Feel free to ask any questions and check out a detailed video on you tube:

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I'm only thinking of selling to fund a new project. You would be proud to own this Jeep J-10 and would be getting one of the nicest survivors in existence.

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