1977 J20 Project For Sale

I have invested a lot into this jeep and am getting burn out on it and would just like to get halfway out from underneath it. It has a 360 bored .40 over about 9.5:1 comp. ratio, roller rockers, comp cam 270h grind, rebuilt Holley 4 barrel,electric radiator fan, over $4000 in motor alone! On the body I have replaced both rocker panels and both floor panels, also replaced the inner rocker on the passenger side. I have a new gallon of bondo and glaze coat that I will include with it. I have bucket seats out of a 2000 chevy pickup, along with new door seals and wing window seals. I have new carpet from BJ's. It does have a 6 inch BJ's lift springs on it. There are no shocks on it. I have Auto Meter Speedo, Tack, and cluster of water temp, voltage, fuel, and oil pressure. Speedo has electronic sending unit, and the fuel gauge has a matching sending unit in the tank. I have a box for it and tailgate that i havent started working on. I have pretty much everything needed to finish this truck! I know Im missing A LOT but if you have any questions just PM me.   $6500  email: pettygrove.josh@gmail.com

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