1973 Jeep J4000

THE GOOD: Working 4-wheel drive, 3-speed transmission, and 6 cylinder
motor. Recently replaced clutch and assembly (3 years ago). New heater
core (last winter). Radiator was refurbished within the last year.
Professionally manufactured gas tank. Working gas and oil
gauges.(after market). Good glass, grill, fenders, hood, dash and
doors... The lights generally function with an occasional glitch in
the brake lights and blinkers when we've hooked it to a small

THE BAD: The ends of the cross member were rusted enough to have to
weld it in place recently. This was our functioning farm truck up
until it was determined that it needed front end parts. (serious
shaking above about 30mph). We needed a truck rather than a project,
so, I found a new old truck as this one has no working original
gauges, rusting bed and floor boards, etc... We of course dreamed of
putting a stake or flat bed on it... but with all its other issues, it
just seemed time for a slightly (and only slightly, newer truck as we
can only move up a decade at a time :-). It's also due for tires
sometime in the not too distant future.

THE UGLY: Yes, rust.... It's not quite ready for Fred Flinstone, but
floorboards are rusted, along with the bed in the usual places....and
no tailgate, of course.

asking price: $1250

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