1973 Amerigo truck camper

Amerigo truck camper project for sale. I am asking $1600 for the camper. Open to all trades. The camper is in Colden NY. Truck is not included.  email: SwampFox89@aol.com

It has had ALOT of work done to it, I spent all my free time this summer working on it. The structure is basically brand new and better engineered than the original ever was. I added a 4th jack to it, replaced the roof vents with brand new ones, resealed all the seams, stainless hardware holding all the seams together, new utilities hook ups, newer hot water heater, new clearance lights, outside shower, roof top AC, stainless tie down hardware...and the list goes on. I also have a HUGE pile o parts that goes with it too. Everything from 3 stoves, to 2 newer power supplies, retractable TV antenna, mattresses from a 2004 camper, newer sink... the list keeps going and going...

There is plenty of info here for it:


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The picture above is of Jesse when he was younger and his Dad's Amerigo camper. You can read all about it from our Feature Story on JeepTruck.com - For the Love of Jeeps and a Lifetime of Memories