Used Jeeps and Jeep Parts For Sale - 1973 J2500 Jeep Truck with 1999 4BTAA engine

1973 J2500 Jeep Truck, 1999 4BTAA engine

1973 J2500 Jeep Truck

1999 4BTAA engine with approx 90K miles

                  Bigger turbo - 341

                  4" mandrel straight through exhaust - down pipe is ceramic coated

                  "50hp" injectors

                  Higher pressure piston type lift pump

                  3" air to water aftercooler with full size radiator to cool water and Bosch  
				  electric pump

                                    All mandrel bends, very short length (no turbo lag)

NV4500 Transmission, dodge 1.25 input, 32 spline output - approx  10K miles

NP205 transfer case approx 20K miles 32 spline input and outputs

                  Caliper style parking brake mounted on transfer case

Dana 60 front axle, 4.10 ratio, Trutrac - approx 20K miles on new R&P, Bearings, Trutrac, etc

                  Chrome moly axles (Yukon)

                  Stainless freewheeling hubs

                  Custom crossover steer arm, Custom 1.25" DOM drag link, Custom 1.5" DOM tie rod

Dana 70 rear axle, 4.10 ratio, Detroit Locker - approx 20K miles on new R&P, Bearings, Detroit 
Locker, etc

                  Rear disks - Chevy 1/2 ton

                  Finned aluminum cover w additional oil capacity

Hydro boost brakes, stainless steel flex brake lines

Fox Shocks with remote reservoirs

Refurbished dash w NOS gauges and stainless face plate, polished and clear plastic gauge covers

                  Turbo pressure, Exhaust Temp

Custom Switch panel w fan, secondary headlights, and tire compressor switches (not wired)

Tire compressor to re-inflate tires when off road (not installed)

Custom fuse panel with relays for compressor, radiator fan, diesel start solenoid, etc (I have 
wiring diagrams for everything)

Red top battery in cab

Bed shortened to provide space for cab to be extended

Have the "extended cab" piece from another truck - welding required to finish

American aluminum 17X9 wheels with 37X13 Toyo MTs (over 1/2 tread left) including spare

High lift jack - custom aluminum front bumper with built in high lift jack mounting

Custom aluminum 24 gallon fuel tank

Aluminum BJs radiator, customized for diesel with BJs 16" electric fan and custom shroud

Spin on style tire mount (needs bolted to bed)

Large number of additional items to go with truck such as - additional right front inside 
chrome moly axle,  4 D-rings, headlight buckets for the 5 1/4" lights,  Halogen 7" lights 
and Halogen 5 1/4" lights (for what are called the pie plate holes) - not installed, Spare 
new front fenders (fits this truck and Grand Wagoneer, complete  electric windows for truck 
- not installed, door rubber seals,  1973 Jeep service manual, service manuals for axles 

Truck is located in San Diego, CA

Price: $5500

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