What a find - Jeff Hammer's 1969 Jeep Gladiator

You won't believe it, but my 1969 Jeep J-2000 Townside truck has 22,000 original miles on it. I purchased my truck on eBay for $400 about 4 years ago when it was listed as "Grandpa's old red truck - doesn't run". There were no pictures and no description. All the grandson knew what that his grandmother was going in to a nursing home and was told by her that her husband had purchased the truck new in 1969 and then drove it until 1971 when he parked it in their barn in Connecticut and then passed away. The truck was in showroom condition inside and out under two inches of dirt and dust and didn't start because the battery was dead and it was out of gas. When I put in a new battery and 5 gallons of gas it fired up like it was brand new. The brakes, tires, etc. were all rotted, but after a few repairs it now drives like a 2005 truck.

The truck has been document as an investment grade vehicle and appraised at $15,000. I was offered $14,000 by a man in Reno, NV last year. I saw a 1968 truck of the same make and model with 11,000 original miles go for $23,000 on eBay last year.

Jeff Hammer
Pittsburgh, PA

Now that's a find with a little luck maybe we all could find one! Thanks for sharing your story with us Jeff.

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