Military J20 in Sweden
Peter Pettersson's 1983 J20 is not your usual J20
we are used to seeing here in the States. Peter
claims the military J20's in Sweden were ordered
by the airforce and have been used for personnel
transports with a special camper on the bed,
some of the trucks were ordered with a totaly
galvanized "body no rust"
Now that's something
we wish Jeep would have offered here in the
Peter's truck has only 5,700 miles on the
engine which is a 360 with a 727 automatic trans,
4x4, dana 60 and dana44. According to Peter the
customized bumpers and other equipment seem
to be stock on all orders.

Peter writes, "The J20 is quit rare
in Sweden most of them have
served in the military or the fire
department you hardly see them
in the streets like civilian.
Only chevy, ford and some dodge
but there is alot of newer jeeps
like the cherokee" the camper was
the first thing I removed, I am
trying to make the truck original
with the tailgate and no camper.
Yes the truck is absolutley free
from rust the whole body is
galvanized, I dont know if this was
done here in sweden or if it was
orded from the factory? I have
heard that the military in Sweden
bought about 200 st J20's but I am
not quit sure of that, but the J20 is
very rare to see in the roads of
Sweden, I am very pleased with
my jeep."

Peter, we would venture to guess that the galvanized body was from the factory since the J20 townside bed is rather
unique, in that there are so many bends, stampings and welds required to make one. If anyone knows of a tailgate
that Peter can use for his restoration he can be contacted by looking under the Want ads under the
For Sale section of our site.