Gary Collins Amazing 48 Flat Nose Willys

We first got a glimpse of this great Jeep Truck when Gary listed his 62 Willys truck for sale on He included a picture of another flatnose 48 Willys Truck he was working on foundly known as Willard. One look and we new we would have to do a feature article on this beauty. The restoration was originally started by Rich Sulecki from Weedvillewillys in Weedville Pa for Lou Pesce in St Marys Pa. Rich rebuilt the truck, mechanically from the ground up. Lou had a metal fabricating business in St Marys and they built the entire bed. Lou got cancer and died about a year and a half ago and I found out that his wife wanted to sell it. His boys already had it painted but needed MUCH work to get to where it is today. We finished the rebuild at Rich's. I have spent months on the internet searching for a nicer (flat nose) and they are not out there. The 47-49 flat nose trucks are as rare as Hens teeth for sure !

?No putty anywhere, now that's amazing for a 60 year old truck. Even though this truck is an excellent example of Willys Jeep history it doesn't stop Gary from putting Willard through its paces on the mountain trails in Mix, PA. Rich upgraded Willard to the Super Hurricane L-226 when he rebuilt it. Mr Pesce wanted more power. The grille had to be trimmed some on the inside and the engine crossmember had to be relocated. In addition a 12 volt conversion was done as well. Gary also will have more than likely completed a disk brake conversion to by the time this story goes live. Not completely stock but still amazing for sure. This truck is quite the talk of this little town. Gary said he drove Willard to Dubois, PA to visit a friend and had more waves and horn toots than if I was in a $100,000.00 corvette, we can see why.
Some of the unique features we like about this truck are the spare tire mount in the bed. The custom toolbox built into the cab floor. In addition we think the Jeep Truck logo on the glove box is pretty cool too.
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This flat nose truck is truely special. Especially, where it came from and the owner that had it. Mr Pesce was a true Willys lover and he never got a chance to see Willard done. Maybe he's looking down at him now !!!!