Bought this on Ebay from a Car Dealer
in Helena Montana for $1,500.....cost of
shipping in enclosed trailer: $1,500....

Watching it roll out of the trailer in
Crestview Florida: PRICELESS
Had the Gladiator paint-matched to my 08
Wrangler and 07 Commander (yep, Looks
like Florida State FSU....GO NOLES!)
even Tiny the Mighty Rat Terrier welcomes
the 'beast' to it's new home....and right to
the mechanic for a Clutch Kit and then a
Paint Job...
New monster Fog Lights on the Top and
Front...and Halogens to see which tree I'm
backing up into....and painted the wheels to
match the other jeeps....
The Paint Shop gang at Rocky's Auto Paint in
Crestview Florida
wiring up all the lighting on custom
switches.....and new Warn Lockouts...
Garnet and Gold on the interior......getting
all door panels and carpet done now....
Chip Bowdren's
63 Gladiator Thriftside
'63 Gladiator Thriftside...just out of the paintshop to
match the colors of my new '08 Wrangler X and '07
It presently has the 'split bench' seat..which I just
put a cover on..but I have the buckets to put into
it as soon as time allows...
the door panels are done...except for some
custom diamond-plate metal that I'm going to
cut and install acros the bottom for a 'kick
nice to have it all one color on the inside...
and to cover the 'strap-marks' on the original headliner...I
just happened to have some extra FSU Seminole vinyl
cloth...that I folded and hot-glued onto the headliner prior
to reinstallation...
yep...ya gotta love them Noles...!
rebuilt the carb again...this time with the new
Float..and runs like a champ..