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Jesse's rebuild of his recently purchased J4000 which he found through is
now underway after waiting a month to have it shipped from Oregon to New York.

- "My plans are to build and restore this truck as well. My inspiration for buying a J Truck
is my father's truck." claims Jesse.
He took a ride with my Mom and a trailer and picked one up for I want to say $500?

As a side note this editor had the privelage of speaking to a Jeep employee who had to make a run
for parts to a Jeep warehouse in northern New Jersey back in the 80's while there he noticed a
rack full of J-Series truck beds lining the whole wall. A few years later on a return trip to the
same warehouse he noticed the rack of beds was gone. When he inquired as to what happened to the
beds the other Jeep employee simply said they had been scraped.

I was only 6 or so at the time so I don't remember much. Those may be some of the ones from NJ
that you heard of?
It will need an engine and some minor TLC to get it back on the road
but I have already located a running 360 to drop in it. My truck is a
J4600, one notch down from the camper special.

The bumper on the back is neat and very solid, I am contemplating
weather to leave it or replace it with the one from my father's truck
being he is going to build a different fixed rear bumper. The one
that came off his truck slides out 3 feet to protect the rear over
hang of a larger truck camper and has a class IV hitch. The tire
carrier on the front, in my opinion, needs to go. I think it takes away
from the truck. I will probably mount the spare on the side of the
bed like the camper specials had.

The truck over all is VERY clean and solid for a 1972, the rear
differential still has the factory tags on it with the gear ratio
printed on it. When I bought the truck it did not run. Unfortunately
what we thought was a bad timing chain and gear set is more looking
like the number one piston and rod grenaded. I will be pulling the
engine soon and replacing it with another used 360 we have laying

Jesse's father's truck is moving along slowly, cleaning and painting
little parts here and there. We have been rounding parts up for the
rear axle as it needs new brakes, some bearings and all new seals.
The frame (from cab back) and dual gas tanks are all painted and
ready for assembly. When I head back to college he wants to finish
up the rear axle and get the tanks installed and also pull the transfer
case to rebuild that. His spring packs will also not be going back in,
once he saw mine we decided to trade. His are a little heavier (12
leaves in each pack) and mine have the factory pack, with an over
load pack (9 leaves in each pack). Since he will only be hauling
bumper pull trailers and no heavy truck campers anymore he wants
the better riding springs, which is fine with me.
Jesse Hrycik is from western NY just south of Buffalo and currently
attends Paul Smith's College.
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