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Some of you probably remember Gary
from a previous feature article we ran
awhile back entitled "Gary Collins
amazing 48 flat nose Willys
" . Gary's
last truck named Willard was great
but Gary writes "this one is truely
special for sure. It has a takeoff bed
that I went to Detroit to get. It was
taken off a truck shortly after it was
bought new and was absolutely rust
free. He then handsanded, primered
and painted it. Gary says the truck has
a 350 Chevy, power steering and goes
down the road faster than I want to go
if needed.

Everything is new or rebuilt and a
great daily driver. It is actually a 51
but you know me and the flat nose
47-49's. I had to change the front
end. Put a beautiful paint job on it
$4000 and some rechromed bumpers,

I know it's not stock, but I love
driving these so much I had to have one
that is logical for the road. I have
restored this Willys truck to near
stock specifications as close to
possible other than the V-8, power
steering and a few other modifications.

This is one special flat nose truck."

So what happened to Willard? Gary says "I sold Willard to
a friend in Rochester NY and I stay in touch with him
pretty regularly."

So what will Gary do next? I have another 51 that I'm doing
now with a 231 V-6 in it. I want to finish with a beautiful
flat nose and a V nose that are complete. I have also sold a
couple other trucks in the past six months for others to
enjoy. This is what I am doing in retirement. Retired
December 1st. Beats the hell out of making beer bottles in a
factory for 37 years.

Gary that sounds like a wonderful retirement to us! Cheers
and Thanks for all the frosty cold bottles of beer used to
celebrate each of our own knuckle busting adventures.

Editors Note - Gary plans on bringing his 51 Willys truck to the PA Jeep Show in July. Gary claims he is having the
interior professionally done before the show. So if your headed to the show be sure to stop by Gary's latest ride and
say hello.