Jeep NuKizer
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Jeep Nukizer 715 - photo courtesy of Chrysler
Chrysler Press Release

Jeep Nukizer 715

The Jeep Nukizer 715 is an all-purpose truck that pays homage to the beloved
military-only Kaiser M-715 truck. With a military-issue Jeep J8 four-door, the
Mopar team converted the vehicle into a pickup body style by adding an aftermarket
AEV Brute pickup box built for a TJ. To increase the size of the vehicle, the
wheelbase is stretched to 124 inches from 116 inches. Enforcing the brand’s iconic
M-715 is a new front clip produced in carbon fiber that re-creates the characteristic
forward slant of the M-715 truck. To top it off, Bestop provided a unique soft top
which artfully captures all of the quirks of the original.

Drivetrain upgrades include beefy Dynatrac Pro-Rock Dana 44 front and Dana 60
rear axles filled with 5:38 gears and ARB Airlocker differentials. Power is
distributed by an Atlas II transfer case spinning custom driveshafts from Tom
Woods. To keep the military look, tires are 38-inch BF Goodrich Mud Terrains
mounted on Hutchinson beadlock wheels.

The powerplant remains a J8-specific 2.8-liter turbo diesel I-4 that has been treated
to a re-programmed controller for more boost. Fuel is supplied from a custom
Gen-Right tank made specifically for this vehicle and mounts to the rear cross member.

For body protection, Mopar added Jeep Wrangler rock rails and off-road bumpers.
Other features include a Warn 9.5XP low-profile winch equipped with a Master Pull
synthetic winch line, Warn air compressor, Terraflex dual-rate front sway bar and
Garmin GPS Map 640 navigation unit.

Vehicle information:
Engine: 2.8-liter turbo diesel I-4
Transmission: four-speed automatic
Overall height: 75.2 inches
Overall width: 78.6 inches
Wheelbase: 124 inches
Weight: 4,500 pounds
Tires: 38 x 14.50-R17 BF Goodrich KM2
Well the folks at Mopar Underground have managed to dangle the proverbial
carrot once again. This time showing up at the 2010 Moab Easter Jeep Safari in a
retro Kaiser M715 known as the NuKizer 715. The M715 trucks if you remember
were built by Kaiser for our troops serving in Vietnam from 1967 to 1969 as a
replacement for the aging Dodge M37 fleet of trucks.

The truck is based on a military issue Jeep J8 and utilizes an aftermarket AEV
Brute pickup bed manufactured for a TJ. The front clip mimics the original M715
and is made of carbon fiber and sports the original looking grill that adorned the
Kaiser Jeep Gladiator truck of the same era.

Some other goodies are huge 38 inch BF Goodrich tires, Dynatrac axles front and
rear, Advanced Adapters transfer case, Hutchinson double headlocks, custom
canvas top made by Bestop and a 2.8L Motori turbo diesel inline 4 cylinder engine.
The Motori diesel engine is produced in Italy and at one time Daimler Chrysler
owned a controlling interest in Motori. As a side note a Motori diesel can also be
found in the Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Liberty.

If you want one of these trucks as bad as we do send me an email at and we will get your comments posted right here along
with this article.

Follows is the Chrysler Press release for the NuKizer. In addition we also took the
liberty of scouring the web to find additional commentary and pictures of this
cool rig for you. See all of the links at the bottom of this article. Enjoy!
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- Comments from our Readers -
I have been reading about the Jeep Nukizer 715, might be the best looking truck/Jeep
I have seen. Although I am more of a weekend warrior offroading, I go about once a
month or so. I would not hestitate to purchase the Jeep Nukizer 715 as long as it was a
reasonable price. Everyone I have showed pictures or specs to has agreed that it would
be a tough vehicle not to own. I hope that Jeep gets lots of feed back on the Jeep
Nukizer 715 and begins production on this. Thank you for your time and keep up the
good work.

David Keddy
On the Nukizer 715, its a great expensive toy, but after selling a few to people with to
much money, that would be it. With the big axles and 5.38 gearing, not much of a daily
driver. One would have to tow it somewhere to use it.

I have had jeeps of one kind or another all my life, starting with a 52 Willys pickup, I
now have an Unlimited Rubicon, it replaced a CJ6, and so far I guess I'm disappointed.
Geared to low as daily driver, I drive from the city to the mountains with it, then "wheel"
then drive back. Once there it is great, but getting there is a chore. Jeep needs to offer
the same drive train with a taller gearing, Here in the northwest, I very seldom use it to it
full capacity.

In my opinion, Jeep/Chrysler missed the boat on a few things. If they built the Nukizer
715 with a J10/J20 drive train, stripped down, easy to service and work on, no cruise, no
A/C, no fancy door locks, crank up windows, just a plain truck, it would sell like hotcakes.
There all ready top of the line Dodge Rams, F150/250, Chevys, Cads, Tundra's etc. A
truck to go camping with, maybe in the out of the way places. Haul garbage once in awhile,
pick up lumber, haul furniture, etc.

Same with the Commander, to much to late, if Jeep had updated the late 50's early 60's
Willys wagon, they might have sold, I have yet to see articles of Commanders with lift
kits, big tires, winch, then haul kids, dogs, pulling a boat, real stuff.
There was already to many high end SUV's out there.

Anyway just a few thoughts

06 Unlimited Rubicon
71 J4000, Camper Special

Where and when do I get one?

John Kelley D Mr CIV USA NGB
M715 NuKizer? Want one? Oh yeah! Looks awesome. Being a long time
FSJ owner, I love the retro look.

Rick Stafford
How do we go about getting Chrysler to start manufacturing this “bad boy of
trucks”? I want one and I want it asap!

Aradio Zambrano