Used Jeeps and Jeep Parts For Sale - 2 Willys wagons, 1 Willys truck & extra parts for sale.

2 Willys wagons, 1 Willys truck
& extra parts for sale

I have 2 1950's Willys wagons and 1 1950 Willys 4x4 truck that I want to sell with many extra parts and glass. Please let me know if we may have some interest in the items. I also have a 1951 Henry J that was stored in a airplane hanger since 1963. You can call me at 218-591-9883. Located in Superior, WI. I have people interested, but need to move this stuff to finish a new garage and down size on vehicles. Prices will be negotiable and one wagon was disassembled, sandblasted and primered. All of the parts that go with that wagon, that was going to be restored are also blasted and primered.

Price: Prices will be negotiable

City: Superior

State: WI

Please contact Tim Panka at:

Phone: 218-591-9883

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