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1973 Jeep J4500

360 V8
59k (not accurate speedo cable broken)

Front power Disc brake conversion.
Plastic fuel tank replacement.

Love this truck. But it turns out I don't have the time to work on it. I took the heater fan out to replace it over a year ago and it still sits on the cabinet.

I have driven it on the hwy a few times and it drives good. Mostly just driven a few miles in town on Sundays to keep it up. Someone before me put a rattle can spray job on it and some paint can bedliner. Not horrible but I'd have rather had the original lighter blue with the rust. Also some lifted springs were put on it previously. They are way to stiff.

Needs work but it's solid. Engine burns a tiny bit of oil. Needs knobs inside. Doors stick a little bit when opening. The usual rust along the seam at the bed from the gas overflowing eating the paint away. Small patch on drives side floor from sitting a long time with a leaky door gasket. The frame is solid, no rust. The 4wd works in high. Can't get it into low. Don't know if it's an adjustment or something in the shifter, I haven't gotten that far.

It's a rare truck. In good shape with all the parts(tailgate, badges, original axles. Etc) I love the truck but other commitments I've made are going to keep me busy for the next few years. Time for someone else to enjoy it. I know I'll miss seeing it every day.

Price: $9000

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