Blue Rocks Campground Lenhartsville, PA Trip - 78 J20 with 78 Maple Leaf camper

My son Thomas and I headed out to Lenhartsville, PA to Blue Rocks Campground. We visited Hawk Mountain in Kempton, PA on the appalachian trail. Hawk mountain is a great view point from which to look out for hawks, eagles and other migratory raptors during the migratory months. On this day in late October we saw peregrine falcons, sharp-shinned hawks, red tail hawks, northern harriers, American Kestrel, turkey vultures, ospreys, and merlins, 2 golden eagles were also spotted earlier that morning but we missed them. We also hiked up the mountain 1500+ feet to visit Pulpit Rock observatory. The observatory is accesible from the trail head which begins right in Blue Rocks campground. Blue Rocks Campground is also home to one of the largest boulder fields left over from the last ice age. Check out the pics of our J20 with camper in the middle of the boulder field on a road that was built through it. We got to try out the J20 and camper on some of the roughest roads yet. This was a great trip and I would highly recommend it. Also local to the campground is Crystal Cave which is worth the trip. Enjoy the pics. You can visit Hawk Mountain at and Blue Rocks Campground at
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