Story by Chris Overacker - Edited by Mark J. Smith,

Join us now as we present Part 3 of this multi-part series of articles in which Chris Overacker owner of CODE 4x4 Inc. describes how he built this awesome truck.
I have a buddy who owns a body and paint shop here in Rifle CO, and he specializes in custom work, building hot rods and doesn’t mind doing jobs in phases. So, I took him every part that was going to get re-used, to sand blast, and put into epoxy-primer.
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I started with building a roll bar in the bed. My goal was to have it functional, and become a mounting point for the shocks upper bolt. This required it be very strong, and the bed had to be bolted solidly to the frame of the truck.
I utilized poly-bushings so the roll bar could be removed, and give it the vintage appearance used back in the 1980’s.
I flat-towed the rolling chassis to his shop and the frame came back bare-white steel. While he had the cab, he also repaired the rusted corners and floors, and epoxy-primed every square inch inside, under-cab and exterior.
Here is the upper shock mounts, and a view of the underside of the bed, showing the way it bolts to the frame (bed is up-side-down, getting undercoat and paint).